Coping with migraines:

Manage your migraine symptoms through nutrition

Understand how through a Nutrition and Cookery Workshop

Learn what to eat and how to cook to help manage your migraine symptoms

Get top tips and book a free personalised consultation

Take away a good understanding of how nutrition and lifestyle changes may work for you

Paying attention to your diet may be an important defence against migraines. Working to limit foods that may trigger your migraines and eating a healthy, nutritious diet may help you manage your migraine symptoms. Unprocessed foods with no additives or preservatives are a good place to start. Foods such as brightly coloured fruit (particularly non-citrus kinds such as blueberries and melon), vegetables, brown rice, fish and poultry can be rich in your diet and use natural sweeteners such as maple syrup and vanilla extract when needed.


However some foods that may trigger migraines could be red wine, caffeine, some dairy products including aged cheeses, chocolate, yeast extract and some food preservatives.


Both nutrition and lifestyle may be important as you work to manage your migraine symptoms. Keeping a food diary to track what you eat and drink as well as how you feel afterwards, can also help identify specific foods or ingredients that may be triggering or contributing to your migraines.

Our evening cookery class is an introduction to nutritional cooking which may help manage migraine symptoms. The ingredients are incorporated into exciting and tasty recipes in a simplistic way, and you will take away an understanding of foods in your diet that may trigger or contribute to your migraine symptoms.

You will learn to cook a wide range of simple, healthy dishes using fresh and easily available ingredients. You will discover the benefits of selected herbs and spices with an explanation of the importance of certain nutrient groups to support your body and wellbeing.


Rachel Alderson Nutrition has joined forces with KitchenJoy Cookery School for this exciting, practical workshop. During the evening, you will prepare and cook dishes while taking part in an in depth nutrition and lifestyle discussion on managing the symptoms of migraine. You will also qualify for a free call with Rachel to find out how personalised nutritional therapy may support you.


Sample recipes will include:

  • Oat milk, blueberries, maca powder and spinach leaves smoothie

  • Roasted orange and red stuffed peppers

  • Salmon with pumpkin seed & turmeric crust, brown rice, and broccoli with lemon + olive oil

  • Sweet potato and coconut pudding


Our hands-on cookery classes at KitchenJoy’s Kitchen in Chiswick, west London, include the ingredients, food preparation and cooking equipment, and drinks. You will prepare and cook dishes, then enjoy eating them with the group. There will also be some left over foods for you to take home to share with your loved ones.

Courses      max 8 persons
Dates          Tuesday 11th June 2019; Tuesday 8th October 2019
Duration     evening
Timings      7pm - 9.30pm
Cost            £60.00


Tuesday 11th June 2019, 7pm- 9.30pm

Tuesday 8th October 2019, 7pm - 9.30pm

Chiswick, west London