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Nutrition for living life to the full

Are you feeling out of sorts but don’t know why? Has your GP said everything’s fine but you just don’t feel well?


Or maybe something’s been troublesome for years and you’ve tried everything you can to help.

Contact me for your free 30 minute Back to Health consultation to tell me about your situation so we can talk about how best to optimise your health.

Maybe your favourite foods don’t agree with you anymore, your digestion has been acting up, you don’t sleep very well or your health sparkle has gone. You may feel down or low, have gone up a clothes size or three, or not be able to shake that cold you got last month. Does this sound like you?
It was definitely me. I’m Rachel Alderson, a Registered Nutritionist and Health Coach. Now I help busy people, like you, who want to feel their very best.

I also work with corporate clients and community organisations running wellness programmes, including talks and workshops.

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